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Wetpour Repair Kit


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Wetpour Repair Kit

This repair kit will provide you with 25kg Wetpour Top Coat & 5kg Wetpour Resin. 

Wetpour Binder/Resin is suitable for mixing with base and top rubber crumb

1No 5Kg tub of binder provides enough resin to mix 25Kg of rubber top crumb.

The wetpour top coat should be mixed with resin binder to a ration of 5kg resin to 25kg rubber. The EPDM rubber is supplied in easy to use 25Kg bags and covers approximately 2m2 @ 20mm deep.

Our wetpour top coat granules when combined with wetpour resin/binder form the wearing course to all wetpour surfacing systems. The wearing course is usually laid to thickness of 20mm either on top of base rubber or straight onto no-fine concrete or tarmac where no critical fall height is required.


Using the repair kit:

Preparation: we suggest that you trim back the edges of hole to be repaired. Form a neat square edge - please bear in mind that the repair will often look better if it is trimmed to a neat geometric shape.

Remove any damaged material from the area to be repaired. Ensure that the underlying surface is dry before you lay any rubber.

Thoroughly mix the rubber granules and binder supplied.  For a 40mm deep patch

Top Rubber 12Kg of Rubber to 2.5Kg of Resin

For small quantities this can be hand mixed either in a tub or in a lined wheelbarrow. For larger quantities we recommend the use of a mixer.

Place the mixed material into the prepared hole and level off slightly proud of the surrounding area using a flat piece of wood.

Level and compact the mixed material into the repair.

Clear away any excess material.

The curing time for the mixed wet pour is determined by atmospheric conditions but will generally be in the region of 2-6 hours during which the repair will need to be guarded to prevent deliberate or accidental damage.

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