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Stable Drainage Mats


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Available to buy in multiples of 10 with or without turf reinforcement mesh.  The mats are 23mm thick, 1,000mm wide and 1,500mm long.

Rubber drainage mats for stables provide a reliable drainage solution suitable for a variety of applications. Ideal for all equestrian and agricultural environments, these mats offer a slip resistant surface on which to walk and provide effective traction underfoot.  The soft yet durable structure of these stable mats ensure comfort and efficiency, at the same time as keeping your horse safe and clean. The shock absorbent structure also helps prevents against injury and damage upon impact.

Every mat also features 256 resilient nubs per square foot on the underside. With this degree of anti-fatigue engineering, anyone can immediately feel the benefits of standing on these mats.  The mats have an interlocking feature that allows them to be linked together in whatever configuration you desire.

We also sell standard turf reinforcement mesh that is suitable for infrequent parking of cars on grass areas. This is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection and reinforcement of grass. It stabilises the grass roots which intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong stable reinforced grassed surface. The mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parks (NOT FOR USE WITH HORSES).

These mats are great for many applications

Wash Racks for horses, cows, pigs or  other animals

Tack Rooms

Dog Kennels

Around watering areas

Walkways in barns, or breezeways

Muddy areas in or around your barn or home

Work Stations in home, garage or professional location

Stable Mat Key Points:

The ring structure allows for liquid to flow straight through, provide a more hygienic area for your horse

Due to their rubber structure, these mats also provide effect fall protection

If necessary, these mats can be cleaned with water and then hung to dry

The density and weight of the mat assures non-shifting, and small studs on the underside ensure traction underfoot

The mats superior rubber compounds withstand extreme weather conditions.  Made using a sturdy honeycomb design, this allows for liquids and fluids to drain straight through, making them an ideal solution for all stables. Providing adequate drainage is essential for all stable animals and ensures a hygienically clean environment. These mats are also very effective for outdoor walkways and can be laid on uneven or rough surfaces.


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