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Replacement Suspension Ropes


Model No: SWP_SPSR

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We understand that sometimes you may require replacement swing ropes for your group swing, we offer two styles that you can choose from on the drop down menu.

Our single point suspension ropes come with  stainless steel shackles, 6mm galvanised chain and quick links.  Single point suspension ropes are a set of 4 ropes, they are intended for use with Cantilever styled suspensions.  Available in a range of colours.

Our traditional 2-point suspension ropes which are made from 16mm wire reinforced rope with stainless steel shackles and 700mm x 6mm galvanised chain. A pair of these ropes are required for traditional swing suspension.  We do sell single ropes as replacements - just enter your quantity when prompted.  Available in a range of colours.

Need a product commissioned to a particular specification then please visit  South West Play offer a bespoke service with the facilities to alter or tailor any product to your custom requirements. 

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