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Rope/Swing Fixing Kit


Model No: SWP_RFK

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Allowing you to attach any of our rope ladders, climbing rope or swings to a suitable tree branch.

The rope is 2,000mm x 16mm (diameter) and made from durable polypropylene with a 100mm eye spliced in at either end.  The shackle is zinc coated. 

Sold individually so to hang a swing seat (that has two vertical ropes) you will need to buy 2 of our Rope Fixing Kits.

When looped twice around a branch our rope fixing kit is suitable for branches up to 350mm in diameter, for larger branches - you will need to use a single loop. 

Need a product commissioned to a particular specification then please visit  South West Play offer a bespoke service with the facilities to alter or tailor any product to your custom requirements. 

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