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Residential Swing Frame Package



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The main benefit of this swing frame is that it requires NO concrete, due to the self colour steel suction feet.

Group swings are a fantastic alternative to traditional swings - more children, more fun, more action!  Group swings are suitable for inclusive play, the perfect refuge for children and the whole family including less abled. 

A complete kit for self assembly will allow you to install a commercial grade swing frame suitable for a domestic swing with a two point swing suspensions.  The timber frame is made from UK pine timber and comes complete with powder coated steel corner braces.

What's Included?  The package includes the timber frame all in UK pine.  The top beam has 2 corner braces, swing hangers and safety chains.  4 x legs with self colour steel suction feet and residential swing with assembly instructions.

What's not included?  The safety grass matting to cover the required free height of fall (FHOF) these most be added to the cart separately, they can be found in the related products.

If you require a different swing please contact us 01736 360254, optional swings can be found in the related products.

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