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Jungle Bridge


Model No: SWP_JB

Price £702.90

Cental Rope Colour
Side Rope Colour

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Our Jungle Bridge is perfect for schools and public playgrounds, a challenging piece of equipment with high play value.   

The bridge is made from a central rope 160mm in diameter with a 12 mm galvanised eyebolt at each end clamped into place with a steel fixing plate , covered in black heatshrink.  The sides are made from 16mm wire reinforced rope which is held together with stainless steel cross connectors and aluminium ferrules, 12mm fully threaded galvanised eyebolts on all side ropes


Dimensions 3,000mm x 1,000mm


Free Height of Fall (FHOF) Variable

Delivered for self assembly. 

Safety surfacing is not included. 

Installation Service available at an additional cost.

Image is for illustration purpose only. 

Need a product commissioned to a particular specification then please visit  South West Play offer a bespoke service with the facilities to alter or tailor any product to your custom requirements. 

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