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Hay Nets


Model No: SWP_HN_50

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A pack of 5 hay nets perfect for feeding livestock available in either 50mm mesh or 80mm mesh.

By using the net each fill of hay lasts longer, your horse is happier and healthier, which could save you money in the long run!

Length 36"

Mesh Size 50mm or 80mm

Twine Size 4mm

Material Polyethylene

Type Knotted Netting

Hanging Rope 6mm Polypropylene Rope

There�s more to hay nets than meets the eye and we have a great range to cater for all different types of horses in all situations.

For general use, we sell regular hole hay nets that are affordable and easy to use. If you feed haylage, you might opt for something with smaller holes, to help slow down the horse�s eating speed and prevent wastage.

For greedy horses, those on box rest, good doers and those who need to watch their waistline, we sell nets that have much smaller holes to make it more difficult for the horse to get to the hay and, as such, reduce the speed that he consumes it.

This can be great for horses that don�t receive that much hay and those who need to be kept occupied for longer without the need for extra calories. These small holed hay nets also mean less waste.

Thinking of reducing hay wastage, hay bags are a cost effective way to contain hay and prevent the floor in the stable, lorry, yard and trailer from becoming covered in hay and seeds.



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