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Ground Anchors


Model No: SWP_GA

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Looking for a secure way to install your climbing/play nets?

Then our Ground Anchor, sometimes referred to as Ground Stakes are one of those essentials that you just can't have enough of!

Galvanised Ground Anchors

10mm Diameter

Length:  550mm

You can buy any quantity by changing the quantity when prompted.

If you are buying a climbing net then the quantity of stakes needed depends on the size of the climbing net, so see below for how many you'll need

1000mm x 1000mm = 4

1000mm x 1500mm = 4

1000mm x 2000mm = 4

1000mm x 2500mm = 4

1000mm x 3000mm = 4

1500mm x 1500mm = 6

1500mm x 2000mm = 6

1500mm x 2500mm = 6

1500mm x 3000mm = 6

2000mm x 2000mm = 6

2000mm x 2500mm = 7

2500mm x 2000mm = 8

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