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Please note that we recommend that our group swing seats are suspended from a pair of our universal stainless steel swing hangers with safety chains.

The swing seat is made from a galvanised steel ring with galvanised steel hanging lugs with nylon bearings.  The swing seat comes complete with traditional 2-point suspension ropes which are made from 16mm wire reinforced rope (Beige) with stainless steel shackles and 700mm x 6mm galvanised chain.  The inside seating area is also made from 14mm polyhemp rope which has been woven together with a 24mm polyhemp outer rope.

The ECO Crows Nest Swing seat is our premium domestic swing seat for multiple users, designed to be used by children from 3 years of age and has been manufactured to exceed the European Playground Standard BS-EN 1176 (2008).  This swing seat is intended for private domestic use only, available in natural rope colour only and two sizes - Large (1,200mm) and Small (1,000mm) in diameter.

A fantastic alternative to traditional swings - more children, more fun, more action!  It's suitable for inclusive play, the perfect refuge for children and the whole family including less abled. 

Swinging and rocking are typical movements in childhood and children are always looking for possibilities to experience swinging movements.  Lying in the nest is above all pleasant when a friendly co-player sets the swing in motion from the outside, it is especially fun if there are several 'Crows' in the nest. 

The ECO Crows Nest Swing seat is the ideal opportunity for the physically impaired children with the support of a parent or carer to participate in key experiences such as swinging and moving up and down. 

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