All net based items are hand made in our store, we don't always have all the sizes on the shelf so they are made to order, please call our office on 01736 360254 to check our stock levels and shipping times. We are currently working to an 8 week lead time. 

Most play modules or installations, standalone units or treehouses require access points and our varied range of ancillary items are just that, we sell ladders, climbing ropes, pull up ropes and rope fixing kits allowing you to fix to a play centre, tree or beam.  All of our add-ons offer extremely good play value, our designs are a cost efficient way of increasing the size and variety of a play installation.

  • 16mm Pull Up Ropes

    From £30.00
  • 24mm Polypropylene Climbing Rope

    From £47.86
  • 24mm Polyhemp Climbing Rope

    From £54.18
  • Decking Ladder

    From £94.56
  • Oak Dowel Ladder

    From £128.26
  • Armed Rope Ladder (Plastic Rungs)

    From £170.00
  • Armed Pull Up Rope (aluminium holds) Chain

    From £141.72